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Mediterraneo Capital Ltd
Debt Advisory.

Financial restructuring and capital raising third. We carry out consultancy activities for customers for the structuring and retrieval of third-party capital in the context of financial restructuring. We assist Clients in the entire process of debt structuring & raising by placing ourselves as a representative of the interests of the borrower of funds towards the financial system. The goal is to achieve an optimized capital structure, with lower costs and consistent with the needs of the company's business and ownership.


Activities aimed at allowing the contribution of debt financial resources through the use of the Capital Market (Extra MOT Pro) or through the issue of unlisted bonds.

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Debt structuring Advisory

Choice of the most appropriate and sustainable form of debt to support the Company's development plans that need to find financial resources (Minibonds, Straight Bonds, Convertible Bonds and Convertible Bonds, Financial Bills). Definition of the main characteristics of the debt: technical form, total amount, rate, final maturity, amortization profile, any possibility of early repayment, offer period, any guarantees and / or «covenants», presence of the rating or not.

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Arrangement/Lead Management

Performing all activities related to the issue.

  • Verification of the financial sustainability of the debt in relation to the Company's cash flows.
  • Coordination of the parties involved in the placement: lawyers, rating agency and advisors.

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  • Placement

    placement of the bond issue on the financial markets.

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